I just finished a wonderful weekend in Cape Coral, Florida. This was my second time at the Cape Coral Art Festival, myself and 299 other exhibitors sucked down some really pretty weather. People were out in droves and I had a good show. 

Here’s the really neat thing about street art shows, you meet tons of people, and you find out how small the world really is. I sold to a couple from my old stomping grounds, Cody, Wyoming, and they remembered me from my days coaching the Cody Legion Baseball Team….we were pretty good so maybe we were memorable! Paul Marshall and I started building the baseball program and it became one of the best around, they were serious, think about this, we would play 60 games or more a summer!! The people of Cody are wonderful, some of the best memories I have are from that period!
This show was the Debut of a pair of new Giclee’s reproductions, two 20″ x 36″ canvas giclee’s of Great Egrets, titled “Great Light, Great Egret I, and II”. I am really excited about these two, the title is self explanatory, two strikingly beautiful Great White Egrets slightly backlit, they absolutely GLOW!. We can talk about what went into painting them in a future blog.
Well, they sold well this weekend hopefully foretelling a bright future! One pair went to couple from Thunder Bay, Canada!!! What a great name!!! I want to live there! Hey I’m from Thunder Bay! Anyway they were really nice and I had a great time talking with them, If i get anywhere near Thunder Bay, I know someone that lives there and I am going!

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