Stephen Koury


Stephen Koury

"The Shrike"

Stephen Koury

"The Catch"

Stephen Koury

"Learning The Game"

Stephen Koury

"Rubies and Trumpets"

Stephen Koury

"Counting Quails"

Stephen Koury

"Evening Flight"

Stephen Koury

"Working The Bubbleline"

Stephen Koury

"I want the viewer to feel as if he or she could step into my paintings. I want them to be carried away to another world, to see the creatures that live there as whole and complete...belonging there."

− Stephen Koury

Incredibly Lifelike

You’ll notice the intricate level of detail
in all of Stephen’s paintings. He won’t paint
an animal unless he has seen it and photographed
it personally in the wild.

1-on-1 Workshops

Whether you are a brand new artist,
or an old pro, Stephen offers affordable workshops
at his home studio in Florida, where you
can roll up your sleeves and learn with the Master.

Commercial Use

Licenses for commercial use of any of Stephen’s
images are available for a very reasonable fee.
Just use the Contact page to reach out
and let us know how we can help.

Check out some of my latest paintings

Quiet Courage

Monarch On Purple Salvia

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Great Light, Great Egret II

Great Light, Great Egret I

Morning Flight

Morning Reflection II

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Stephen Koury in the studio

"Every one of Stephen's paintings is like a jewel. We actually consider them family heirlooms!"

− David