SageandtuckercomputerHi folks, this is an exciting time for us with our new website coming online. We have received a few questions about how various pages on my website do not seem to want to work for people. In trying to sign up for a workshop, Steve Black could not get the workshop calendar to move off of September, as did Lori Folk. This is something we really want to fix, fortunately a good friend, Don Folk came through. It seems that a lot of my followers have older operating systems, like Windows XP, and other IBM platform systems. Well many of these operating systems are no longer supported by the guys that made them, which means they are not kept up to date with todays new websites and their functionality. In plain terms the old operating systems do not efficiently operate millions of new websites, like mine.

There is an answer, and it’s free. Download a new up-to-date browser. For example, Steve Black had an older version of Windows XP (which is no longer supported). After talking with us he downloaded a new browser, Goggle Chrome, which was free. He called and reported that his experience on my website was now wonderful and get this, FASTER. I can imagine that downloading something from the internet seems really daunting to some of you, but you can do it.  Ask a friend, or your spouse or children to help, it will really increase your enjoyment of the internet.


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