Hi everyone, I sure that some of you are curious about the online workshops, wondering how good the visual quality is, can you see what I am doing, what quality does Stephen see when he looks at my work. Well the key is your internet provider and the strength of your WiFi, and today most of us have pretty strong and reliable WiFi. Where you set up is very important, you want to be as close to your router as you can within reason, that really makes sure that your signal is strong and your picture and voice will be clear and consistent with no pausing or freezing of your image caused by buffering. Each new person that signs up gets an individual short session with me where you and I do a Zoom session. During the session I help you set up your painting area and camera for the best possible view, here is where we work out any bugs so your real session is smooth! If you haven’t signed up for an online session, try it. will walk you thru it and set you all up, it will be wonderful. Sign up by clicking the workshop tab!

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