Hi again everyone, had to share this with you all. As you may know I reference my paintings by spending time in nature observing, from these observations come knowledge and painting ideas. Nature provides us with a limitless selection of things to paint. Whenever I’m feeling stuck, not sure what to paint, or out of ideas all it takes is a day in the woods, marshes, prairies! When it comes to birds  we are very fortunate  here in Florida, one particular little beauty is the Painted Bunting (Passerine ciris). The Painted bunting is a 5.5 inch multi-colored hard to see dynamo, seeing them is profound! The males are simply stunning, the females various shades of tasteful greens and yellows. I had heard over the years several people talk of having these guys at their feeders and I had never had the chance to see them so when I heard of these birds I jumped at the chance. We were invited to a wonderful Lady’s home in Davenport and completely blown away by the number of Buntings, they were thick! These are not the best shots, just stuff to give you a idea!PBunting 2016 2 PBunting 2016 PBunting F 2016 PBunting 2016 3

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